drawing logo Newburn Art
 is created to reach deep into the brain and increase dopamine which will provoke feelings of arousal, incitement, arousal, pleasure, happiness, and joy. When you look at a Newburn Art Work, you see it with your mind.  Your eyes scan the art work first to the face, specifically features that indicate friend, foe or possible mate, then to the brightest objects in the image.

This type of seeing is call “bottom-up,” your eyes going usually first to the face until we conscious order them to spend time on other features – called Top-down attentional deployment.

This is because research has found we recognize culture-defined beauty only after taking the reflexive glands at people.  This is performed within the first few milliseconds.  You see first with your instinctive self and then with your acculturated mind.

You process visual information very quickly, as the brain electronically parcels parts of image to different cortical areas concerned with faces, colors, shape, motion and then other aspects of a scene, where they are broken down even further.  The brain puts all that information back together into a coherent composite before directing the eyes to move.

Newburn art works are composed and constructed to appeal the primitive part of the brain and release feelings of well-being and pleasure.

Truly this is Art That Makes Your Brain Happy!

Dan Newburn has worked in Hollywood and Las Vegas as a Photo Journalist, Television Talk Host, PBS Television News Director, Newspaper editor, Investigative Reporter, Educator, and Book Publisher.

His art renderings hang in homes throughout Nevada, the West, and around the world.

He is a member of:
National Association of Photoshop Professionals.
Photographic Society of America
Professional Photographers of America
International Freelance Photographers Organization
National Press Photographers Association

The Institute of American Image Press & The International Freelance Photographers Organization awarded him the “Degree of Distinction Honorarius” DIPLOMA as an Accredited Master Photographer.
They also presented him with a “2010 Lifetime Distinction of Honor for Photographic Achievement” Award.

Welcome to a selection of Art Work created by Neuroestheticist and Photo Artist Dr. Dan Newburn.

Newburn uses his over 50 years of Photographic experience and extensive study of Neuroesthetics, artistic training and wide knowledge of computers to create these unique works of art.

These works are painstakingly composed and developed using several software programs.

These art works activate areas of the brain involved in vision, pleasure, memory, recognition and emotions and systems that underlie the conscious processing of new information to give them meaning.

Viewing these art works activate regions of the visual cortex, which process visual information. This activity is attributed to processing shapes and colors. The fusiform ggyrus and parahippocampal gyrus, brain regions associated with the perception and recognition of objects and places are highlighted by familiar face and landscapes.

The anterior temporal lobe, which conceptualizes information about objects and how they function are also involved, indicating viewing these art works trigger higher-order mental processing.

Also activated are the posterior cingulated cortex and anterior insula, areas associated with inner thoughts and emotional experiences, and the putamen, which regulates movement and influences learning. This signals experienced or anticipated pleasure from view these art works.

In other words, Art That Makes Your Brain Happy!